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Biometrics data capture

Our Biometrics Platform has been designed and equipped to meet the ever rising need for biometric solutions in both governmental and private corporate institutions.
Phixsoft Biometrix has been built from the ground up to meet with the Nigerian Specific need on biometrics. We have therefore partnered with major ventors in the technology industry to deliver such high tech services as is required by our clients. .

Some of the key Features of the Biometrix System Includes:

• Delivers the highest level of secure access authentication for access control applications.
• Address staff privacy concerns as biometric fingerprint templates are only stored in the memory of the card held by the cardholder.
• Distributed intelligence enables biometric identities to be checked and access verification to be made at the entry point.

Some of the key Benefits to using our System Includes:

• Provides you with the means to capture, encrypt and store in the cards memory the cardholder’s details including biometric data templates and digitised photograph.
• Complete control over the biometric data template of your people, produced and issued on Corporate Identity Cards enabling you to produce secure identity cards that you can trust since the biometric data templates are encrypted using AES encryption. .
• Independent of a central database providing biometric authentication when the readers are working standalone and disconnected from the network.
• Reduces the cost of providing access control by using Network Cable and Power over Ethernet technology to reduce installation time, the amount of equipment deployed and energy consumed throughout the systems operational life.

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