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Biometrics data capture

Our Biometrics Services Access Control, Time & Attendance and Visitor Management. We partner with Biometrics giants in the industry to deliver such high tech services that defines our competence.

1. Access Control
a - Biometric Enrolment

Fingerprint templates of employees, contractors or visitors are logged in using the biometric based access controller. This is achieved by capturing the details of the new starters and having their fingerprints enrolled.
Enrolment is done by placing a finger onto an enrolment reader. After three succesful scans, the person's biometric data template is generated, encrypted and saved in the access controller system's database or it could be written to a smartcards memory. It should be noted that the key to the successful deployment of a biometric based system is user enrolment .

b - Access Permissions & Fingerprint Authentication

A employee member can be granted access rights according to some security clearance because once enrolled simply present their finger to the biometric reader. Their credentials will be scanned, access pass will be given base on authorisation check. Please note that our high security application services will require multi-factor authentication needing a PIN and/or biometric and/or card to be provided before access is granted.

2. Time & Attendance

Our Biometrics Services supports a full set of attendance recording and reporting arrangements including flexible working, fixed and shift working and job sharing. Our systems records and reports on normal attendance, overtime worked, as well as absence and tardy attendance.
Our clients can decide to install such system as an intranet based self-service option for staff working flexitime that allows members of staff to view and manage their own time accounts significantly reducing the administrative overheads.

3. Visitor Management

Our Biometric Management solutions enables authorised staff to pre-register visitors via a simple web application on the Intranet. This enables visitors to be vetted prior to the visit with improved security, faster through-put and a reduction in congestion at the visitor reception. Unexpected visitors can be booked in on arrival at reception. The system maintains a log of all visitor activity including frequent and return visits.

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