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IT Consulting and Support Services

At Phixsoft, we not only design and implement and integrate enterprise based software applications, but we also offer technical IT support to various technologies. Our vast expertise, knowledge-base and experience in various IT sectors have avail us with such information that are crucial to the stability of such systems.
As the saying goes Experience in the Internet business can never be overemphasized

Our 24/7 Customer services has utilized various platforms such as SMS, emails, chatrooms to provide support to our clients running on any of our platforms.
Over the years and thanks to our customer feedback reports we have been able to customize our products and services to be extremely user friendly and interactive in order to greatly minimize the need for our support. This has lead us to adopt certain measures laid out by industry experts in customer-user interactions and numerous training and seminars to order to equip our people to effective handle the need should they ever arise.

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