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Middleware Integration

Middleware application integration is an integration framework composed of a collection of technologies and services which form a middleware to enable integration of systems and applications across an enterprise.We integration software solutions to other IT solutions such Payment Gateways

Biometrics Data Capture

Our Biometrics Services Access Control, Time & Attendance and Visitor Management. We partner with Biometrics giants in the industry to deliver such high tech services that defines our competence.

ePayment Integrations

Phixsoft offers payment gateway integration services to its clients. We adopted several mesures to ensure maximum security is utilized in our our epayment integration services. In an economy like ours and really the world over, such services comes in very handy in the ever growing online shopping .

IT Consulting & Support

At Phixsoft, we not only design and implement and integrate enterprise based software applications, but we also offer technical IT support to various technologies. Our vast expertise, knowledge-base and experience in various IT sectors have avail us with such information that are crucial to the stability of such systems.

SMSPHIX Service Platform

The world is changing and in this changing world, there is one single medium that is changing the rules of the game: Text message, in another words, SMS, the single best online and offline marketing tool of the 21st Century. Experience amazing ROI!

CareerPhix Service Platform

CareerPhix is an online service platform that connects students with mentors and tracks academic performance of students with the purpose of building interest in strenght areas. Analytics and charts are used to give a pictorial view of performances, and points students to prospective mentor

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